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Seaman Family Genealogy (UK)


A few words about the site...

A genealogy research tool for Seaman named individuals tracing and compiling their family trees

Welcome to my website!

Having traced my own family line back to Suffolk, England to the 1500's, I became increasingly keen to connect all the UK 'SEAMAN' individuals in to their respective family trees, hence started on my current project to catalogue, trace, and connect all the other 'SEAMAN' individuals through census records, The National Archives, War Records and any other sources I can find to help piece together everyone's family trees.

My current database has 70,000+ individuals, from 1500 - present day, and with over 14o trees currently assembled, tracked (where possible) with supporting source references. I do want to share findings, help others, and to have a comprehensive 'one stop shop' for 'SEAMAN' information.

Other mis-spellings over time 'SEYMAN' 'SEMAN' and 'SEAMON' make life hard for searching, hence it is hoped this site will enable us to make new friends, find lost relatives and harness the power of collective research.

Willing to do a free quick look up on request to see what I have in my databases for anyone you have lost